Sabtu, 04 Agustus 2012

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From South Sulawesi, Zainal Razak Oyong reported that before handling the microphone, the Scout members got a short course on Ham Radio, especially on using the equipment and the operating procedures by YB8AJB.


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From Jakarta, Meizon Yn reported that at least four stations are active now.

  • YB0ZS JOTA Station Kwartir Daerah DKI Jakarta
  • YC0ZSD JOTA Station Kwartir Cabang JAKARTA SELATAN
  • YC0ZSM JOTA Station MAN Kebayoran, 
  • YC0ZSL JOTA Station Kwartir Ranting Cilandak & 
  • YC0ZST JOTA Station JS 02-205 & 02-206 Troops.

Jumat, 03 Agustus 2012

JOTA - JOTI Nasional & APAJ - APIJ 2012

Starting yesterday (3/8) at 40 meters band, we can hear Indonesian Scouts  comunicate through Amateur Radio Station with Scouts from Indonesia. They are enjoying the facility of and with the assistance of ORARI members. In some area like Jakarta, they also using the 2 meters band.

The Vice Chairman of Gerakan Pramuka, Kodrat Pramudo was officially open the National JOTA & JOTI 2012 at YB0S, the National HQ JOTA Station located at Cibubur National Camp Site.

Today (4/8) Asia Pacific Air Jamboree (APAJ) and Asia Pacific Internet Jamboree (APIJ) 2012 will officially started from Korea.

So, through this week end  the Scouts will enjoy to comunicate through Amateur Radio facility and internet. They exchange personal information as well as their scouting activities.

On the internet the Scouts are chatting  using MIRC and of course the Facebook. To start, please visit the organizer fanpage:

 8th APR Air/Internet Jamboree

or for Indonesian Scouts you can visit:

Dewan Kerja Nasional(Indonesia Rover Scout Council)

Happy Jamboree... 73


YC2ZJF JOTA Station Kwartir Cabang KEBUMEN (Pic:  Halim Dani)

YC9ZF JOTA Station Kwartir Daerah BALI (Pic:  Orari Daerah Bali)